Saturday, February 26, 2011

Show and Tell Art Show

Casket metal designs and
Christopher Gonzalez presents
Show and Tell
Free art show feathering 20 local
Artist and live music
Celebrating main street arts fest

Location is:
1912 Wenneca Ave
Fort Worth, Texas
Exit 8th /summit

Open April 15th,16th and 17th bands playing from 5 to 9 pm each day open

Fun for all ages
Event open from noon till 9 pm each day

We the artist each paid $100 bucks to put together our show. The money
covers our expenses. Building walls, paying rent at space, supplying
food and drinks for the masses, fliers and web development, promotions
and advertising, sound equipment...Were looking for sponsers for this
year and next years show! Donations well appreciated..

Website almost done and the10,000 fliers are close to printing. Write
up going in fortworth weekly soon . "Convoy and the cattle men" are
playing the show!!!

Artist wanted!! We have 10 Spaces left to fill....
$100 for 3 days
$70 for 2 days
$35 for 1 day
Send pics of your work to the below email info just make sure the pics
are good quality res wise. So when The developer zooms in and picks a
close up it won't blur. 1-2MB jpg should be good.
Here is a sample of the site...
Please email for details,


Check out this link

Casket Metal Designs

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