Monday, February 14, 2011

Burning Inspirations

We met this guy, Kyle MacConnell, who is an amazing musician by the way. He played the didgeridoo and guitar at the same time while our good friend Manda Sims danced. Anyway they were all performing at Health and Harmony House for their Valentines Day Dinner Party which we went to and thoroughly enjoyed. So Kyle passed out some informational pieces about his upcoming shows and told us about this awesome event that is coming up:

Aspire to Inspire before you Expire!

Unlimited Realities Music and Art Festival March 12th, 2011 in Fort Worth.

Visit Burning Inspirations On Facebook.

So, like, you know, you've got to be there too!

Let's see the card says 207 E. Broadway St. Ft. Worth, Texas 18 & Up. Opens 7pm Admission $10. Food 7-9 - Bring potluck if you like and b.y.o.b.

Some of the artists involved include:

Spoonfed Tribe - future primitive tribal rock
Katsuk - (I don't remember how to make that u with the two dots above it right now) lyrical bliss
Khris Lager Band
David Rodriguez

- DJS -
Albert Martinez
Sean Sparks
Sabrina Flux
John Walker

There will be live painting on stage by David Rodriguez and a glass art demo by Mad Marchand of Mad Glass.

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