Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cowtown Indie Bazaar

Although we won't be participating ourselves some of our fellow Etsy 817 team members will be vending at this event. Instead of getting some XYZ product from the local Big Box store that's cranked out by the thousands by machines or by sweatshop labor. Get something unique and lovingly handcrafted by people in your own community. Go check out the: Cowtown Indie Bazaar!"

Friday, January 28, 2011

Etsy 817 Team

Hey folks! We know you like to shop for local handmade goods for your home decor, gift giving and other various and sundry needs. Why? Because it's the environmentally friendly thing to do and it helps give a boost to the economy right here at home. Well, we have a brand new way for you to find handmade and vintage items as well as crafting supplies right here in the 817 area code.

As some of our wonderful fans know we recently opened a shop on the incredible Etsy community. Well, within that community are teams of artisans and crafters who band together to help one another. We have become active members of such a team called Etsy 817 which is made up of folks who live in or near area code 817. At a team meeting we held last weekend someone came up with the idea of adding a search tag to items in our shop that says "etsy817team". The reason? Well, now if folks go to and do a search for etsy817team they will get a listing of items recently offered by members of our team. So go try it and take a gander at some down home local talent!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more news about indie bazaar type events this group has in the works...

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sword Woman

Sword Woman by ~primalaspects on deviantART

A lone woman walking across the countryside carrying a sword. What is her story? Where is her village? Where is her family? Is she the sole survivor of a massacre or is she on the attack? What Primal forces brought her to be here with sword in hand?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Dancers by Emily Dewbre-Young
Dancers by Emily Dewbre-Young

Happy New Year!

We at Primal Aspects hope that all of you out there find much love, happiness and success in 2011.

We would like to let you know about some new and interesting things we hope to be trying out in the coming year. For one, we now have a Facebook Places deal going that might be of interest to you. If you set up an appointment (just give us a call whenever at (817) 705-0631)or email to come by and visit our in home studio and workshop. While you're here Check In on Facebook with your mobile device and you'll get a free print of your choice from whatever we have in stock along with any purchase you make. Don't forget we also do custom paintings and pyrographic signs so if there was ever anything you would have liked to have painted or burned into a hunk of wood but were afraid to ask, you might be surprised at how affordable it could be so by all means....ask!

Don't forget to be kind to one another and live in harmony!