Friday, September 2, 2011

New website with easy-to-find water-wise drought tips

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COLLEGE STATION – The Texas AgriLife Extension Service has launched a new
website called Water Education in Texas (, solely
for the purpose of providing homeowners and producers with easy-to-find
water-wise drought tips.

“We found that the longer this historical drought hangs on, the more
information is generated to help Texans cope with it,” said Dr. Pete Gibbs,
AgriLife Extension associate director at College Station. “The trouble is,
we’re now drowning in a virtual sea of drought-related information. To stem
the flow, AgriLife Communications has siphoned off only the most pertinent
information that’s been submitted by our experts. This information has been
updated, then further edited down to provide the public with just what they need
to know.”

Gibbs said the site is easy to navigate because it has only three main
categories, which are easily accesses by a single click of the mouse. The
site’s categories are “Your Home,” which deals with everything from leaky
faucets to washing machines; “Lawn and Garden,” which addresses topics
including drip irrigation and watering trees, and “Agriculture and
Wildlife,” which  offers tips on livestock, crops, fish and wildlife.

The information is offered in short, bulleted single sentences with a key word
or phrase embedded within the text for those seeking more in-depth information
on that particular topic, Gibbs said.

“Our main goal is to provide the best information possible that people can
actually use,” Gibbs said. “You can have the best information in the world,
but if your clientele can’t find it or don’t know it exists, it’s pretty
much worthless.”

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