Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pyrography Video

So, yeah, I was messing around with Windows Live Movie Maker and put together this video of some of the Pyrography pieces Emily and I have done in the past year or so set to the awesome music of Kyle MacConnell who we first met at Health and Harmony House when he was performing live for an open mic night there. Then later he also provided the live music for an Art Auction held there which is when we asked his permission to use some of his music for a project like this.
Anyway, here's the result:

There is also a paintings one in the works but Em has 6 more paintings (I think she said 6) at any rate there's some new stuff in the studio that she's not quite ready to unveil yet. When those are ready we'll add them to the paintings video and get it posted up. So, enjoy and please share! :)

- Troy

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