Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Un-Named Painting

Emily says that sometimes she has to really think about how a piece of art should be done and other times it just flows out like a vision. A gift from the muses if you will or as she put it in a recent interview for Kindred Images "Sometimes things are easy enough to just start showing up on the canvas until they become complete."

Such was the case with this untitled work shown. It just started to flow out onto the canvas as if it was somehow meant to be. We ran a contest afterwards for awhile to see if someone could help us come up with a name for the piece but alas no entries were made although some people commented that there was so much symbology at work in it that finding an appropriate name was a daunting task indeed.

As for myself it seems to speak of the cycle of life, death and rebirth with the black birds (crows or ravens?) In the branches of the dead tree and the earth mother figure below near the flowing water and a pregnant belly about to bring forth new life.

Shortly after this painting was done we were vending at an event at The Bath House on White Rock Lake in Dallas called FlowFest put on by Earth Rhythms, an organization which we are donating underwriters of. While there a young woman saw the painting and left, returning later with a gentleman to whom she pointed it out saying something that sounded like. Do you see? This is it! To which he nodded knowingly and quickly purchased the painting asking Em' to set it aside to be picked up later after the event and indeed it left with them that day.

When works like this come and go it leaves us to wonder. Was this painting specifically meant for this young couple for them to find on this day? What meaning did it have for them? Would they be keeping it or would it be a gift for someone they knew who would know exactly what it meant?

Sometimes the Muse comes into our lives and gives us that little spark of creativity so that we may make something that will touch the lives of others in ways we may never understand. Such is one of the many mysteries of life that we enjoy exploring and sharing...

Many Blessings,


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